Overdubbing percussion


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Hey there.
I have a question for the percussionists out there.
I’m working with a percussionist online who is overdubbing on an instrumental track I’ve written. I have 2 versions of the track I can send him. One has more minimal instrumentation and you can hear the different component parts of the rhythm better. The second version has a fuller instrumentation so you get a better feel for the overall song, but loses the nuances of the rhythm.
Which track should I send him?

C.M. Jones

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Yes, I would give him both. He can use them to familiarize himself with the piece from different angles. Let him decide which track better suits his needs.

You never want to alienate a percussionist from a song's "nuances." His parts should bolster them, not ignore them. Percussion is an all-encompassing accompaniment, not a narrow one.