out of round floor tom on Recording Custom Limited


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Hi there,
This is my first post here, glad to be part of that community at last. I am from Tahiti, French Polynesia and upon a trip to France, I took the plunge a bought a magnificent set of Yamaha Recording, the new limited edition in Mellow Yellow. I just received it yesterday (I did not take it with me as a luggage !). First I have to say that the sound is amazing !! I've been playing maple for 9 years (DW Collectors) and I must said that those drums just kill, no wonder it's a standard now. Unfortunately, upon unpacking (the thing was really well packed with bubble film in Hardcases), I noticed the 16 floor tom to be slightly out of round on both the batter and resonant side. Still the drum tunes nicely and sounds great, with no funny noises nor uneven tension. So sonically the thing is great but I'm kind of bummed, especially considering how Yamaha seems to advertises the shell forming system to be very strong, I don't know if I should contact my dealer in France and eventually go through a replacement process or just enjoy the thing as it is and not worry much.
I'll try to post some pics later on.
Cheers !


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WOW. Yamaha prides itself on high quality control, so this is pretty shocking--especially for the flagship RC kits and the Limited Edition reissue ones!

I would contact Yamaha Corporation drum division directly and supply them with photos, etc. From the service others have received from Yamaha on this forum, I should think Yamaha would fix the problem quite soon.

Good luck!


I would do the same; contact Yamaha directly and see what can be done. Yamaha is one of the best in terms of quality control so this is fairly rare.

Considering that you purchased the drums in France and brought them back to Tahiti, the change in climate may have had some affect, with the humidity and temperature differences being obvious suspects. Although, the fact that none of the other drums seem to have been affected it may very well be a simple, however rare, quality control issue.


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Yeah at first I thought that climate change was be the culprit, but the other drums are perfectly round. I just sent an email to Yamaha France I'll wait for the answer. I just hope I'll be able to deal (or at least ship) directly to Yamaha Japan as it is fairly close to Tahiti.
Thanks for all your answers guys.