Our second Debut video "Painted Rust"

Derek Roddy

Hello everyone,
My band "Menace" 2nd debut video for the song"Painted Rust" has been released.

Check it out if you have a second and please share. This video blew me away when I first saw it....hopefully it will you too. I've honestly never seen anything like it.


Cheers and please share.


Midnite Zephyr

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Great stuff, Derek. What a trippy video. I enjoyed watching it.

The song is really good too. I like it better than the first one. Very catchy and listenable, especially for just chilling out late at night. The drumming is a perfect fit for the music. Great job man. I'm gonna go have a listen again with two thumbs up!

Derek Roddy

Cheers brother, That means a lot.

The one thing I love about this band is all the songs are very different from one another and they have their own voice. I'm so glad we were able to pull off our vision for this music.

I love this video. She's doing another one for us....and, it's for charity.

Check this out...

Menace and sand artist Kseniya Simonova (Winner of Ukraine's Got Talent), have teamed up to support a Ukranian Children's Cancer Charity. "Painted Rust" is part one of two videos created by Kseniya Simonova for the charity. They are trying to raise funding and support for Marina Loskutova, a Ukranian Sports champion with kidney cancer. Marina has qualified for treatment in the UK, and so far Menace and Kseniya have raised 68,000 euros already, which is halfway towards their goal of 121,000 euros. Marina is about to begin the next stage of treatment, but there is still a large sum to generate.

"We hope that the powerful creative message behind our goal is enough to inspire some to help in any way they can", Mitch comments. "So much passion, preparation and positive energy has gone into the production of this unique collaboration. You're in a position to make a difference to a family in desperate need, and help a small group of people rebuild their future. Here is a PayPal link if you would feel kind enough to donate anything, even 1 euro/dollar would increase her chances of survival and will give hope to a family without a voice in a desperate situation."


Bank Transfer details
volunteer Tatyana Potarina
Irina Gutenberg
IBAN: DE12540502200105596050
Marina Loskutova


Anyway, all for a good cause and, I'm so proud of what we've done here. Just wanted to share.



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Wow! Now that's a stunning video!
I'm sure more bands will be interested in teaming up with Kseniya for music videos if they haven't already.

I like the songs being different so far. This one is more on the mellow but more atmospheric side while the first one had more drive/punch. Nice contrast.


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I love the sonic landscape you painted as much as I love the incredible work of the sand artist. Both video & audio move through a journey. That video/music empathy vibe really adds to the whole. On their own, each are superb, but together, they're spectacular! One sign of greatness is the whole being greater than the sum of it's parts. Another is enduring delight. I know this work ticks the first box big time, & it sounds like your charity effort will help tick the second.

Guru Drums are delighted to have made a modest contribution via Paypal.

Derek Roddy

That's awesome Andy, thank you so much.

And, thank all you guys for the kind words. Can't wait for the full disc to come out. March 18th.



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That was extremely entertaining. Liked the music, liked the art. The group sounds great. Very good sir.


hey derek!

just check out your latest video/song, amazing work! love it! i was also a fan of traumedy material (one song with a clarinet in it, amazing!)

anyway i am keen to get a copy of menace when its released, let me know where i can purchase!!

oh, btw you know kevin don't you? (council of fallen order of ennead etc)... toured with him a few years ago and he's sent some song for me to track drums to! would love your input when they are done!

all the best mate!



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very good super ,i liked the first one to ,nice to here you play in a band.
you really play for the song,thats very nice !