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awsome stuff guys, im hoping to get some bongos, and temple blocks in the future...right now all i got is a shaker, a cowbell, and a "heat sink"

the heat sink is some thing i pulled out of a busted stereo, its ment to cool it down, its made of aluminum and it sounds like a triangle..so yep, i guess it counts... ill try and get some picks up soon

Drummer Karl

I`ve forgotten this: there are 12 plys of very thin paper on it...
material of the shell: flower pot
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I love djembe's. They sound awesome, and have a nice bass sound to 'em. Might be getting one for Christmas to use at the Church and stuff. Good Stuff.



thanks alot aahznightsky...i soiled my self here at work! wow so money can buy you happiness!!! me and dogbreath are on our way over :)


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Here's a shot of my current "congacero" setup. LP 'Classic' quinto,conga and tumba.
Generation ll bongos on an LP camlock bracket (mounted on a Premier Tristar stand).
All Siam Oak in wine red finish with LP 'Handpicked' rawhide heads.

Play these in in various acoustic gigs and sometimes in a regular rock band. Next gig
is playing for a large yoga class (against ambient sounds and using various chimes,
bells and cymbals).



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lol im sorry but how do you not know how to pronounce that lol well the d is not going to be there for no reason it depends some people say djembe and some juest go jembe


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heres my djembe and my only real pic of my bongos...

i wish i had better pics but they wont work... i dont get around to playin em much unfortunately cuz im soring on the kit more often but i realy should play these suckers some more



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Some nice stuff here! :)
I wish I had more percussion stuff... however, it's pretty much on the bottom of my list of things to get. I need to finish my current kit first.