Our new album review. Lauren Zoeller & BluZe Lightning


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Hi people,
I trust you all had a very nice Christmas and New Year, and to start things off right here in Nashville TN early in 2012 I can tell you that we just finished printing 1000 copes of our CD and it's already been reviewed by Liv Carter of Urban Country News! Here's our review. Lauren Zoeller and BluZe Lightning.


Liv Carter s a very well respected music reviewer here in town and we have a meeting with her tomorrow night re: getting established with the club/venue base here as well as the rest of the Midwest. I especially like what she had to say about us staying true to the Blues genre and sondstage quality of the music...and I'm a ROCK drummer, Ya'll...LOL

Looking forward to the March 24 gig in NYC's Hard Rock Cafe with Lisa Loeb and my show band and wishing you all the very best for 2012 and beyond!
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