Our Band Audition


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Our band is playing at a local venue for a possible slot to play more weekend slots in their rotating schedule and more bookings.

It's an old movie theater converted to a live music venue, supposedly with a killer sound and lighting system. If we have 20 people there to see us, we'll be fine and accepted and can be on their rotational schedule and share the stage with touring and other local acts.

The band "Big Rye Little Whiskey" plays rock, rhythm and blues, Texas red dirt, some progressive country and western, folk, and great originals. We do a lot of covers from Drive By Truckers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Ryan Bingham, Tom Petty, Ray Wiley Hubbard, Hank Williams III, etc.

We're ready. We've rehearsed a lot and all of us know each others' signs and signals. We're tight enough right now and have no worries.

We'll play a 6 song mini set for 30 minutes starting at 9pm Central Time. Below is the flyer we passed out.

I'll report back on how this thing goes. Thanks!


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I played alot of shows at ridglea when I was at north texas. Great venue. good luck!

jon e rotten

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Texas red dirt, some progressive country and western,

I've never heard of this, but it sounds cool.

Relax, Have Fun....and good luck!

love the band name by the way.


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All these teenybopper metal heads are there, but hey, who cares, right? They're friendly, we're friendly, it's a good time. I answer a few questions about my very vintage Pearl blue sparkle kit. All these other dudes have new Tama, Gretsch, and Ludwigs. Here I am with my kit that is older than they are. I have a good laugh.
That was a very good read. This is my favorite part! Made me laugh.

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Hey RD,

Glad to hear it was an adventure! I bet your band is now going to be getting more gigs around town after this. Keep us informed, and never forget that you can "chase" perfection, it may never happen, but the very pursuit of it sets you above the rest.

C. P.