Other People in Other Professions who Play Drums

Hollywood Jim

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I’m surprised you all didn’t know, everybody plays the drums.
Next time you are at a party or a gig ask everyone; “can anybody here play the drums?” And see what happens.



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Music is also mathematical-we "count". Lots of studies how different species "count" and there is a genetic link to mathematical abilities. I wonder if we pooled drummers would they demonstrate enhanced math traits or links to any form of intelligence abilities? I've often wondered do our musical abilities coincide with neuromuscular activity so our biology molds the music (we seek natural frequencies for us to emulate-for sure it does by senses.

LOL to true Hollywood Jim I was in this Gloryland band at church and all the horns would always air drum while tacit. How many times some inebriated "drummer" wants to sit in on your kit and play along. If a wedding-you can bet some family member plays drums and wants "a moment". Drummers are dime a dozen it seems LOL. My eldest brother played in his teens-he hasn't played much since-except a wedding, party, etc where there is a drum kit-he's a drummer again.


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David Letterman can play, not sure how well. Allegedly, this is why he had Drum Solo weeks on his show.