Other drummer's bad/nasty/uncomfortable drum sets!

As an example, my buddy has his snare slightly tilted away from him, and I have mine slightly tilted towards me. I hit the rim all the time on his kit. It is almost unplayable for me. No fun anyways. :)
Couldn't you just turn the whole snare stand around?

I don't really mind playing on other kits, but our own kits are definitely optimal for our playing.


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The only kit I haven't been able to play on yet is the one in my bands practice space. If only because of the wobbly seat which is held together with rubber bands and is seriously too small and low for me.

Seriously. If I bring something to a jam or gig then it's my seat (and my sticks of course)


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I think playing on other setups is a skill that's useful to have. I've played on house kits for so many years, it sort of no longer matters to me. Don't get me wrong, I would play on my own setup every time if it was easier to haul drums around, but it just isn't worth it. The other way to look at it is this: if I can't play it on a different setup, I can't really play it very well at all. Any great professional drummer will be able to sit down at almost any setup and tear it to shreds, why should I be different?