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Hi! I'm sorta obsessed lately with semi-weatherproof and humidity-proof drums, and a lot of you have been praising Oriollo. Checked out the site, and they look great! Couple of questions:

1. Can anyone do a qualified comparison to Trick drums? (The aluminum ones, anyway, since that's all Trick makes toms & bass drums with.)
2. Are any of you Oriollo owners in the US? If so, how was the transaction made? My wife works in operations for a bank, and told me Serbia is an OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) listed sanctioned country, and therefore, I may not be able to purchase.


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Tim: I would contact Sinclair Lott. He has tried out different Oriollo snares, and he plays a 16/14/12 jazz set of Oriollo drums. He has told me that he likes them a lot.

One big difference between Oriollo and Trick are the shells. Both builders make aluminum drum kits, but Trick welds their shells together while Oriollo makes seamless shells. The bearing edges are also different; I believe Trick cuts double 45 degree edges.


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The vast majority of the drums we made are in the USA, actually.
Payments via PayPal or bank transfer - never any problems. And besides, USA customers do NOT pay any additional fees (customs, taxes, ...) on the packages we send.


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I've gotten bronze and aluminum snares from Vukan with no problems whatsoever. In fact, my phantom is a custom finish and it still got here faster than a Gretsch that I ordered around the same time. Like you said, Oriollo is in Serbia but Grestch is in South Carolina. Go figure.

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Just launched an all new series of snare drums:
Oriollo Radical™ >>

Features both the shell and the hoops sand cast of gray iron, machined and protected with graphite.

Vukan, you've got to stop this! I'm trying to save up for my kid's college8^).
I’m just reminding myself that it’s steel, not brass. Although I’m sure the rim clicks on this baby would get the ladies dancing real quick lol


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Does it have a clear coat? My Phantom has a mat powder coat and my fingers are the color of the drum after handling it. One of my favorite sounding drums!