Original Compositions (Live Drums)


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Keep them coming..!

Always a pleasure to listen to your work..

My compliments, also allready for the ones that are still to be posted, because i am pretty sure they will be interesting too..


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Smashing and interesting stuff!

When you write these tracks, do you give yourself a click track? Would be cool to get an idea what you hear when playing...

(On this one for instance)


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Thanks y'all! Just seeing the new forum, looks great!

@oldskoolsoul always appreciate your kind words and also the kindness of your future self :)
@Terry Branam it took me a second to realize why your name was familiar... those Riley books, among other things-- thanks!
@Supernoodle Almost always recording to a click yep! And for the most part when I record the drums I've already recorded some sort of keyboard part.

Here's a new one to keep the thread going, "Trust It,"


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There were a number of (unreported) spammer posts infecting your thread. Posts removed - sad idiot responsible banned 🔨


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Well, what to say, other than..:

Very very nice again..!:)

I see i was correct with what i wrote here a few months ago, but that as a side note..😄