Ordering a Gretsch kit from UK

Captain Bash

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Anyone on DW have any experience ordering Gretsch from dealer in the UK. I am considering spending my fun tokens on a new kit, probably a Broadkaster 20 kick 15 Ft 12 t and a matching 14 x 6 snare (modern fittings and bass drum tom mount). Or has anyone experience purchasing from the likes of Portsmouth Drum Centre orMemphis Drum shop in the states and taking a hit on the import fees. Or is it possible to order from Gretsch directly.


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I've bought individual Renown drums from ADC Drums in Liverpool. you can order individually or a full shell bank which are shipped via a European distributer. I know that's not the same as ordering from Gretsch USA but worth a call as they probably have the contacts.


Fritz Frigursson

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I think GEWA is the main european distributor. They have a website which also has high end gretsch kits that you can order from one of their warehouses. You should check it out