Optimum settings


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A piano player would adjust the seat and maybe open or close the lid a notch. A bass player or guitarist using your amp would tweak the controls, so it makes sense to tweak a drum kit accordingly.

For the poster above who didn't like having his memory locks moved - I presume someone just needed to lower some toms or cymbals - which seems perfectly reasonable to me.
I agree! I tend to set up my kit, at least cymbals, lower than most, so people don't move mine cause they raise the cymbal stands. But when I play other people's kits, I sometimes have to move them. I take note of where they are though so I can put them back closely to where they were when I started. I played a lot of a guy who had the highest crash cymbal I've ever seen since about 1985 and had memory locks. I made sure to appologize to him but I needed them lower. Not trying to stand everytime I need to crash.