Opinions on Yamaha Yess tom mounts two-point vs. newer three-point


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Has anyone had any bad luck with these mounts killing a drum, resonance-wise?

I recently have been playing on a newer Yamaha hybrid set (not mine) and have been impressed with the amount of ring with the three-point tom attachment. Better or a step back from the two-point mount?

I'm thinking of drilling a high end virgin tom. Hate the rims mounts and hate snare stands for toms.

Open to all opinions....


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I only have prolonged experience with the 2-point YESS mounts, and I've never had an issue with them.

That said, DON'T DRILL!!!! If I were you, I'd absolutely go with these instead.


I got to play around with some INDe drums at NAMM, and I'm super impressed with their tunable tom mounts. This is their newest version, a no-drill mount that replaces a lug (using existing holes).

EDIT: If you don't want to give up a lug and don't mind drilling, then their original suspension mount is what I'd recommend.

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I would second that. Go for the INDe mount. The Yamaha YESS III (or whatever it's called) is very functional, but I'm not loving the aesthetics at all.


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I’d never seen the Inde mounts before. I may have to get a couple for bass drum mounted cowbells. Those things look like the perfect ticket.


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Yamaha's R&D on the YESS mount was substantial. I have them on my 2005 RC's. Never a problem with choking if you know what you are doing. Any problems will be down to "User error" :)


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I have Inde mounts (the original version) on a couple of my toms and I think they're great. They're very well designed and built, and they accommodate a variety of hole spacings for mounting and a variety of L-rod diameters, so they're super adaptable. Now that they've introduced the "replace a lug" version that seems perfect for what you're looking for.

I'm not completely against drilling new holes but if it can be avoided I don't see a compelling reason to drill.