Opinions on the Mapex Mars Kit


I am looking a buying an extra kit to keep at a friends house because we are going to start jamming at his house now and then and I saw this on Facebook Marketplace for what seems like a great deal. Are they pretty entry level? Is this a batter head on the reso side of the bass drum? If I can get it for $200 I was thinking I would get it for sure. He has it listed for $250 and it has some cymbals that I could probably sell for $50.



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I'm not a big Mapex fan, but if you can get them for that price they'd probably work just fine for what you want.


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More of a mid-level kit than entry level. Would make a good second kit .... for what your specified needs are.


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There is a current Mars set, and an older Mars set from Mapex. Don't you hate it when a company re-uses a name? 💩
I don't know much about Mapex, but I'm pretty sure that's the older version. How old, IDK.

Also hate to link to another forum, but there's some info about a similar set here:

The old version has long lugs, and the new version has split lugs and a birch shell.
This is an older version Mapex Mars kit. I have a Mapex Mars kit that I bought new last year. It's amazing! 20/10/12/14. People may say the SoniClear bearing edge is all hype-- I did too-- until I got the kit and and tuned it. Woah-- I'm able to get some super deep tunings on all of the shells. The kit sings for days. Tunes up easier than any kit I've ever owned, including a Gretsch USA Brooklyn kit.