Opinions on pairing some hihats to k custom ride?


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Any opinions on pairing some hihats to a k custom 20'' ride? I know it is all opinion but i was curious what others were using for the hats. im also using the ride as a crash for simplicity. so i will only be using these 2 pieces with a kick and snare.



I would take the 20" ride to a well stocked drum store and actually hear what goes well with it. I'm using a Zildjian 20" K Custom Dark ride with 14" K Custom hi hat cymbals. You'll probably hear more than one good combination.

I use 14" extreme series hats by Soultone most of the time. But for some of the metal gigs I do I have a 16" Medium Crash and a 16" A Custom crash I use for hats. It gives a very distinct sound, and when played open it sounds amazing.