Opinions on Older Premier Drums


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Hello all,

I'm looking to replace my loaner/beater drumset which is getting a bit too beat up. I found an add in an older Premier set that looks like its seen better days, but I really have no idea what kind of build quality these have.

Does anyone recognize this model/year? He says they are from 1995. Are they quality drums? I know in general that Premier makes some great drums, but I know very little about them.

And I'll have to factor in $20-30 for another random bass drum hoop. I don't care if they match on a loaner.



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I can't remember when Premier started the Cabria line, or the APK or XPK line. It's one of those three! Either way, I played a similar set at University for years (our one was red) and it was a lovely kit - high quality and it sounded good. The snare was a particular surprise, it was very good indeed.


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If the year is right, it's a late XPK, probably euchalyptus and birch. Fine sounding drums and built beyond their pricepoint. They should be more than adequate for your needs.