Oooops! Where can I buy yamaha drum parts?


Yes, I'm an idiot. While rushing to change a snare head in poor lighting while using my 51 year old bifocal-needing eyes, I buggered up the threads on one of the inserts that the snare drum head bolts screw into. The drum is a yamaha stage custom snare. Where can I buy some of these inserts, and some more bolts? I probably need to get plenty of spares, as my eyes aren't going to get any better. Thanks!

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Here is where I get my parts from:

By "bolts" are you referring to the screws that hold the lug to the shell or the long screw with the 4-sided head that you turn to tune the drum (tension rod)?

The first can be found at the hardwear store and the second at the website I just posted. I'm not sure where you're located though, your use of "buggered" would lead me to believe that you're from the UK. Just search for "drum parts" and you'll have a good list of websites that sell replacement parts.


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If you want genuine yamaha parts ... Lug nut (4 pack) SCB - Part no. U0033240.
If you give your local Yamaha drum dealer this number, you've done their job for them.


Thanks for the tips! Yes, it is the "lug nuts" and the long screws that control tension that I need. Sorry for the wrong terminology. I'm a guitar guy, but I've become the "repair everything guy" for my son's band. Since they are 15, they never have the foresight to bring spares or let somebody know ahead of time when something needs maintenance/repair. So I often find myself fixing things in the dark or with flashing stage lights and a smoke machine going off, and a loud PA blasting in my ears--not exactly ideal conditions. I've actually gotten pretty good at changing guitar strings and getting them in the tuning ballpark by feel alone, because I sure can't see or hear what I'm doing!

Ha Ha, not from the UK. I've just been watching a lot of BBC shows on netflix lately!