One up and One down trend ?


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I always play one up, one down. Our church has a two up, one down set, and one of the rack toms is in a closet. I play open handed with the ride on the left. Two toms (with bass drum and snare) do make changing heads faster and cheaper. Peace and goodwill.


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Depends on the genera but I don't think it's a trend. Most gigs my punk band plays we gear share and the kit is one up one down. I started practicing like this so I didn't default to my regular fills. It actually made me a MUCH better drummer. I had a 10 piece kit with 7 toms for a while, I have an MCX with 5 toms, a reference with 3, and I still enjoy one up one down for practicing and working stuff out.

Less to haul to gigs is great, less to tune is great, less heads to replace is cheaper. Ride placement is FANTASTIC with 1 up one down. Do what you prefer, and here is my last tip, If you can play one up one down, you can play almost any kit. I always laugh when we gear share and see a drummer look scared because he has 2 up and has never played with 1 rack tom. I can almost guarantee those drummers go rack rack floor on most of their fills.