One stick to rule them all !


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I don't have any problem with the stuff Pocket f.o.g. mentioned, but when I practice Bill Bachman's exercises (e.g. doubles) on a pad, I use the heaviest, fattest sticks I have, then switch to normal sticks when there's improvement worth moving to the drum set.
Try Vic Firth's "MS4 Magnums" or Vic Firth's "Ralph Hardimon Hammers." Either stick will give you a workout you will never forget. :cool:

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Use the Colaiuta stick for most things, but lighter sticks sometimes and the jury is still out on those. HAveused the Erskine Ride and BIg Band sticks as a lighter choice, but since I've had the John Riley combo stick for a while I actually got some of the regular stick type today.

For orchestral I have some more choices. I end up using the same 2-3 pairs most of the time, but have the entire Pustjens collection and the Gauger sticks. I change those either for sound, dynamics or ease of playing certain things.

Cmdr. Ross

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My go to stick for almost any gig is VF Dave Weckl Evolution Nylon Tip (SDW2N). 5A weight with excellent rebound.
I want to try those Evo sticks from Dave. I've heard a lot about them and after having played with the brown sig models a long time ago (didn't like them), these new ones seem like a good try.


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I like the Steve Gadd brushes with lifted tips and his signature drum sticks, I like Buddy Rich signature sticks also (great for cross-sticking), and just plain 5A of anything. I just shuffle through my bag playing pairs-had been Rich sticks now Gadd sticks. Sometimes I'll play nylon tip 5A. There is some I'd like to try.


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Now I mostly play a 5A stick, such as the La Backbeat 565 or Pro Mark 5A or 747. Peace and goodwill.