One of the best "Drummer Wanted" ads I've seen


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Found this on FB this morning:

"Fun loving, curvaceous and vivacious rock band WLTM like minded DTE drummer in Wrexham area...ish for friendship + Willing do do covers. No kinky stuff. Looking to write original material with a mind to getting drunk and forgetting how to play. GSOH a must. Looks optional. Talent optional. Male or female. Any port in a storm. Message me something sexy. DDF"

Right up my street, apart from the "rock band" bit.


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I'm actually clueless on half that add LOL!! WLTM?? GSOH?? the other got cleared up. Looks optional yet they say curvacious and vivacios so looks must mean something, I don't know I'm lost


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WLTM - Would like to meet

GSOH - Good Sense of Humor

Obviously this guy uses Tender or Plenty of Fish because thats where I have seen all of these acronyms. Not that I would ever....oh nevermind.

No Way Jose

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That ad is more creative, more fun and better than most of the ads that I've read. On the basis of that alone I'd respond to them.


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I like it. Using a lonely hearts template as an add for a drummer. Class. I would answer it If Lived in the area.