one of my faves......


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So im pretty new to the forums here and i decided to check out the "Choose your drummer" option finally.
Wanted to check out stuff on the cats who influenced me a TON/my heros/ my professors from when i attended a music conservatory, and discover some guys/gals i havent heard before.
So getting to the point of my post, I didnt see one of my main Heros/Influences Graham Broad.
Not on the top 500 or in the rock list.
Now, i get that he may not be as legendary as some of the huge names and influences on both lists, However, IMHO, hes just as accomplished as some of the names i saw on either one, if not both lists.
So is it just me being a HUGE fan of his thinking this way and being suprised? Or have i been watching too much Blazing saddles and am just whistling dixie? ( hehehehehe)