One month in and I've outgrown my CB700 shells


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Well, getting high end cymbals is key. I got a "vintage" $200 Tama Royalstar ..... and with new heads ..... and paired with some of my Sabian's. it's a great sounding kit. Like you say ..... "different". Certainly not my "dream kit" ..... I'll reserve that spot for my "vintage" 3 ply Ludwig's and my Round Badge Gretsch kit.

One of my GAS things is I like to try experience different drum kits. Beyond just sitting down behind one. So I've got a revolving door with kits that
come and go. If I see a kit I like, and I want, I buy it. If it's cheap, no big deal. If it's expensive, then I sell off a kit (or two) to pay for it. Or some other equipment.

So cheers to the CB700's !!!!
Well bass is the instrument I've chosen for that approach, and with drums, I just want a small handful of snare and cymbal choices. Would like more current shells sometime since these CB's are collector's items now, but if I never got another drum or cymbal again, I'd be just as happy with these, I think. That's never gonna happen, though...I already have my eye on another ride the buddy who sold me the new ride has, and I still haven't got my 12" hi hats yet. But I'm deliriously happy with my introductory choices and my GAS is quelled for now.