Once Upon A Time


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I just finished a new tune. It's called Once Upon A Time. I wrote it for my wife on occasion of our anniversary. Short and sweet, only two minutes long. Give a listen here:

It's piano, drums (three mics only!), bass, electric guitar, vibes and marimba. Recorded in my home studio.

Question: I have video of me playing all of the parts. Can anyone suggest a good program for stitching it all together? I looked around on the web and Lightsworks looks like a very capable program. Seems like a bit of a learning curve though (to be expected). Anyone familiar?


PS- Going to see Zappa Plays Zappa soon. I understand that on this tour they're doing the entire One Size Fits All album. Should be great.


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I love some of the big tom fills in there Jim :) You're obviously a multi instrument talent - major props to you for this recording performance!

Although the recording is clear, & there's great instrument separation, I did find the drum sound to be very thin. IMHO, even though the piece is light in nature, the drums & bass need some "weight".

A fairly standard video program such as iMovie (Apple) or similar should be sufficient for the task & fairly easy to use. Of course, there are better / more capable programs available.


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Yes, the drums are a bit thin. I only used two LD condensers for overheads and a kick mic. Nothing else. On the other hand, I love the way the ride cymbal was captured. I might do something a little different on the next tune. Being that drums are my first instrument, for many years I tended to mix the drums too aggressively. Now I think I overcompensate and go the other way.

I tried using MS Moviemaker and it crashed on me about 15 minutes in. Getting proper sync is a real bug with me. It makes me crazy to view a video when the audio is even a little out of sync. It's like reality has ceased to function.