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Really liking "Purple Haze" & "Little Wing" live. Drumming comes through nicely, vocals are superb! Good stuff. Thought the audience were a bit muted considering the soul in those performances.


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What do ya think?
I think you are in a good band and your drumming is solid and tasteful with a good, classic kit sound. What's the kit you're using?

I think the singer needs to be careful with his timing with tambourine and cowbell - flam city. Easy to underestimate the art of playing tambourine and cowbell parts that work.

I think Purple Haze rocked! Impressed with Come to Me - sweet soul vocs and nice groove - tho the guitar has a very obvious reference to Burning of the Midnight Lamp. Around the 20s mark I actually thought it was a cover of BOTML ...


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Thank you for commenting Poly and Kis. While Show us Your Playing is one of my favorite threads I find it personally difficult to criticize/critique anyone who posts here. Just not my nature. But I enjoy when others do.

Poly- I play Yamaha Oaks with maple custom snare. While the singer is quick to judge timing issues with me this is not he playing the tambourine or cowbell. That would be our percussionist.

KIS- I was told the placement of the mic's for the audience had to be turned way down in the mix because they picked up the tambourine and cowbell (which are still too hi in the mix for me)