OMG! 29" Ride could be yours...


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THAT'S a Gong.

I wish I could hear how that sounds, probably amazing. I don't think there would be a place on my kit where it would fit, though.


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For that much - $abian buck$- give me a set of HHX's and keep the 29" proto
.. for sure. The price is not worth it

Howevber, I would LOVE to have this cymbal. Just to have it, haha, it so awesome....

I bet this cymbal could summons the Titans. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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I have the 22" version of that cymbal. I love the sound. I only paid 225. for mine.



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No surprise that the price is so high, more bronze = more $$$. If there was a 60" ride it'd have to be priced $2000 or whatever the math is.