Omar Hakim on Roland V-Drums


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He is surely one of the GREATEST drummers EVER. But Roland pays well seasoned professionals, I assume:ROFLMAO:...

Anyway, Roland V-drums starting even from the entry levels like the Roland TD-1DMK are a true delight. Higher end models simply makes you fall in love.
Obviously, Omar Hakim is a great, great, great drummer. And that was a fantastic (unpaid?) advertisement for Roland. But as far as I could tell, he never mentioned how the drums actually feel, which is what I'm maybe most interested in—they've obviously versatile, in terms of sound output. And I know mesh heads have come a long way. But I'd still like to have him talk for a minute about that bit.

Chris Whitten

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I imagine he was paid a small fee for appearing in the video. Of course, major, major musicians have to protect their hard won reputation. So I doubt any one of that stature would rave about something they didn't use or didn't like.