Older Yamaha Manu Katche Hipgig Jr. vs Yamaha DP Series...Same Shell?


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I recently picked up a Manu Katche Hipgig, Jr. kit for a good price. I didn't come with the 12" Snare (which is fine; I prefer to use a full size snare anyway), but I had a 14" Yamaha DP Series Snare in matching black wrap that will work fine and compliments the Manu kit perfectly, because it's a Yamaha.

I've attached pictures of the interior of each shell. The first photo is the DP Shell, the second is the Manu Katche bass drum shell. I know that the DP Series was a low (lower) end line of Yamaha back in the 90's or early 2000's. The Manu Katche kit was considered more of a pro level kit, at least it was priced that way. The interiors look identical. They have that vertical grain "Luan" or "Philippine Mahogany" look to them that MIJ (Made In Japan) drums did in the 60's and early 70's. That wood was considered cheap and inferior (and makes sense on the DP), but would they really use that on a more expensive line of drums?

Does anyone remember what material the original Manu Katche kits used on their shells (the kit is still available today, but it's a "2nd Generation" with a different setup, finishes, shells etc.). I'm talking about the original that came out in the late 90's (or thereabouts).

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The Manus were never marketed as high-end. The high price for the hipgig was due to the unique config. Likely they used the same shells, although the DP/YD were made in Indonesia. The old Rydeens were the same but thinner, 6 ply vs 8 ply I believe. IMO The YD/DP/Rydeens from Indonesia are some of the very best entry level drums you can get.

The current Manus are also priced way high even though they are (were) just Stage Custom shells.