Older Yamaha DTXTREME with Maple Shells-Basic Questions


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Just to be clear. I'm referring to the Yamaha DTXTREME that came out in 2000, according to the date on the product literature. These were the ones with Natural Lacquer Maple Shells and "regular" drum heads that were very similar to the old school Remo Practice Pads (see below-I posted a picture from the original product literature).

I picked up a used set of these at a church rummage sale. They saved all the original owner's manuals and product literature. Everything seems to work fine however my knowledge is very limited on Electronic Drums, so I have a few questions:

1. Could I swap out the original heads for mesh heads, such as a Remo Silentstroke?

2. Could I use any brain/module/controller with these (Ex. Roland TD-10) or would I have to use a Yamaha?

3. I seem to remember these being Yamaha's high end, top of the line when they came out. Is that correct?

4. Given that technology changes so much so fast, what would be the approximate value of these, with all original equipment in good working order? My kit has four toms, bass, snare (all dual zone trigger), hi-hat pad/foot controller and two dual zone cymbals, along with one cybal bell attachment.

Thanks for your help!

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