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For the past year or so I've left my first kit at my keyboard player's house because that's where we had band practice. He has recently left the band, so practices are now at my house, where my new kit is. So I'm selling my old kit tomorrow hopefully. I've set it up so that the prospective buyer can try it out.
It's a Basix kit, 22, 12, 13, 16, 14, with 13" Solar hats, 16" Solar crash, and 20" Planet Z ride. I must admit I played it a bit myself, taking one last trip down memory lane.

Thar she blows!

Driver's seat

Here you can see I've stored all my good hardware in one corner of my room

And my new Premier kit and Sabians in the other :p


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Has it already been sold, or do you need to post it in the classified section? And are you the artist also.


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It has not been sold, but I've got someone coming to look at it tomorrow. And I am not the artist, that is actually a picture of me done by a friend for an art project. She;s the same one who sharpied the bass drum head you can see in one of the pictures.