old kit ??


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i have had an old U.S. Mercury kit bestowed upon me....yes i am aware that that is worthless BuT...it came with a slingerland kick pedal and a Ludwig hi hat stand(mind u they are OLD).. how much is it worth or is it a bunch of crappppp????


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Condition ... condition ... condition. Means everything. Old hardware that is 90% rust and 10% metal, is worthless.​
An old Mercury kit, missing 1/3 it's hardware, with the kick drum looking like the cat had kittens in it ... firewood. However, nice and clean, 100% original, no extra holes, to the right buyer ... maybe $300.​
Pictures help "a whole lot" ....​
I have an old Star 14x14 floor tom, I use it as a waste paper can, next to my desk.​