Old geezer garage band music


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Just found a silly video on my hard drive that will give some of you a laugh (and other reaching for a bucket). First, some background ...

After I quit music in 1998 I started playing primitive keyboard and doing backups with a garage band in 2007 - here's the group playing Walking the Dog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg6jfzPXFH4

Meanwhile, a friend was turning 50 and she assembled a scratch band made up from musos she knew to play at her party. I was chosen for drums because she knew a keyboardist who could actually play. So I had a weird night, opening with my garage band on keyboards and then playing drums in the "main band" ... I felt like Jan Hammer haha

The scratch band had never played together before. All we had was a song list sent to us a week beforehand (and it sounds like it). The scratch band singer got completely off his face and managed to just about destroy the gig. I was rusty as hell because the only times I'd drummed since the long layoff was filling in when the garage band drummer couldn't make it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_0kkUC5ghU.

This is just a snippet (no idea where the full vid went) of Walking the Dog again. Rough as guts, I know, but that party is the only video of me drumming to rock ... I doubt there's be another. Good for a curio and a laugh, if nothing else.

My next posting will be my current band's demo #2 which I plan to title: "ABSOLUTE GENIUS DRUMMING!! WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!" to let you know how awesome it is (may lightning not strike me!).


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Like the little rock clip Pol, but your John Lord video comes up as "this video is private".

p.s. very much looking forward to your new band demo!


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Likewise on the privacy of the 1st vid. The second one demonstrates yet again of how good a player you really are, you self effacing so n' so : ).

PS- I got dizzy between you and a man's bald head that kept appearing in the frame...

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Oops sorry. Forgot about that. I'll have to take it off public again at some stage or Glenn will be cranky :)

For some reason I'm going through a garage rock fad at the moment for the first time in my life and thinking how cool it would be to hook up with a guitarist in a White Stripes type situation ... last night a search of YouTube unearthed these little gems (that aren't garage rock but super cool).


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Good stuff Pol. I think it might have helped to get that guy with a camera a tripod and tape his feet to the floor. I love the glasses, very geek-chic.


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Hey Red, you should see my new specs - they're funky :)

I've always had what I call "apologetic" glasses, the kind that are not noticeable if someone's standing 100 yards away and squinting in the dark. So earlier this year I bought some "statement" deep purple glasses with a very cool retro design on the arms ... which no one notices because my shaggy mop covers it up ...

I think the camera work fit the music in the drum clip perfectly :)