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It's really not difficult at all. Total cost is probably about £15 for a pair and that includes the price of the timbale rods that I used, had I paid for them (actually got free from Pete Lockett when I met him a few years back). All you need is wool, some kind of core material, some glue and a large needle on top of the handles.

It also means you can play with different core materials. I've got a pair with very soft heads and a lot of winds and one with very hard heads and fewer winds. Quite a lot of contrast and I've barely spent anything.

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... "a large needle on top of the handles" ... I don't understand this - it sounds dangerous :)

Good idea to make your mallets, though. You can customise them to get exactly the effect you want. I only get to use mallets in two songs so far so I don't need to be fussy at this stage.