Okay,Who Has Insane Death Metal Chops?



I gotta say right off the bat -- I'm a melody guy. I like hooks. And death metal is not the place to find them.


The level of technical ability I'm hearing lately is mind blowingI I also love prog rock and I think a lot of the prog bands of late have been total posers , yet some of these technical metal bands are incredible and the drumming is from another planet!

The make Slayer and Metalica look like Karen Carpenter.

I think a band that combines that kind of ferocity with catchy choruses and well structured 3 minute songs could be huge. I know I'll never play drums (or guitar) like that but as a bassist, I'd love to work with some of these drummers. Even if it's via, emailing mp3's and laying down some parts.

So...anyone out there? Anyone in a band looking for bassist or any drummers in the NYC looking to jam on some ideas? And don;t mind working with a guy a few years past 25? LOL Hit me up brothers!