Okay Pearl people, explain this

It’s the proverbial get around your ass to reach your elbow stand. Jeez seems self explanatory LOL
Pearl People got..

continue in Randy Newman vein.
My concern would be: does it pack well? Will those curved arms play nicely with all the straight stands in my hardware bag?
who cares when ya or Pearl People have tractor trailers road cases RVs and roadies

maybe there's a restaurant gig Version B for the jazz set
I just stumbled across this, and I just have to ask… WHY????
I can’t think of a single reason to have a curved boom arm, but maybe some Pearl user can shed some light on me.

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I think someone had to do it befor D.W. did. It has everyone scrambling at Drumworkshop for 2003 ideas now. 😃.
Marketing and exposure which the op is joining in with. I think they look nice but don't expect a utility benefit

Could be quite a collector's piece as I can't imagine they will be on the market for long
Stands don’t excite me, and never have. But for those who get excited by them, I suppose this will be fun for them. I do like the idea of a ball cymbal tilter, though I don’t think I need it. But for those who do care about such things, looks like a fun way to jazz up your look.
Mom, my bass drum is out of round!

And are they trying to facilitate bass drum creep with those wheels?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around that bass drum. Look at the counter hoop? And the head! Why would they do that?

OK quick, do triplets on each tom at top speed! Obstacles shouldn't matter! I love tacked on reso heads. They are so easy to tune!

The small tom is supposed to be where the big tom is. A pinstripe on the snare and calf on the toms and bass? OK.

I think Chick Webb liked the pins. :p

@Hannahsketchbook His BD beater is hitting to low too

At least the cymbal has plenty of room to swing

That is one funky looking bass drum.
Pearl-People Movie-Time..

I can imagine- pushing the "C" getting some weird positioning angles- could come in handy & not a gimmick necessarily right..
"and if you don't need the base"..