ok, i might have to get some Gretsch Renowns

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This past weekend my band did a double bill with another local band. The drummer contacted me and asked if i would like to share his kit. it would be fully miced so changeover would be a pain. i was a little skeptical but agreed ( all i needed was my stick bag so it was also convenient). Much to my surprise, and joy, it was a set of Gretsch Renown maples and a beautiful Tama starphonic mapa burl snare. all hardware and pedasl were DW9000 ( he brought a Pearl Demon drive pedal if i didnt like the Dw). Cymbals were K dark and some HHX Sabians. This kit, sounded amazing and has to beone ofthebest ive personally ever played. the snare was amazing and the drums had that warm punchy soud that i like. If i come accross a cheap set of used Renowns, i may have to grab them!!


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if i buy a set my wife will kill me and its both of your faults for showing me links!! these had evans clear 360 heads and the bass drum had an emad with the pad in it, so sweet!


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Just be absolutely certain it was not merely a combination of heads, tuning and sound coming back through the monitors that made them sound so good to you.

I find that If I am going to splash a lot of money on drumming gear I like to hear it acoustically, in a room, and also standing in front with someone else playing. Mic's and gates/effects can change the sound of any kit.


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I have some Renowns in Autumn Burst too, they are awesome, I just put some Evans 360 Hydraulic Glass on all my toms and a Evans 360 Genera Dry on my snare. It sounds beast!