Ok, gotta ask...any For King and Country fans here?


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First a little history: I pursued a music career as a Christian-based musician for over 10 years of my life, first as a drummer then as a singer/songwriter type. I even co-hosted a radio show featuring a lot of Christian-based artists. After my stint in doing this, I grew tired of all of this industry for a lot of different reasons. While I still play at my church once a month, these days I play in several different bands and I mainly play bars, pubs, breweries, car shows, biker events, festivals, etc. I only listen to contemporary Christian music (CCM) whenever I'm with my kids. I guess I've just seen and heard too much music over the years to really be impressed by much that the CCM industry has to offer. Well, I got dragged to a Christian music festival, and I sat through all the almost-unbearable heat and unimpressive acts all day. I remained positive for my kids, and I just looked at it as a time for me to spend time with them while they enjoyed the music. It grew dark, and I couldn't wait until the headliner finished because I was just ready to go home by that point. For King and Country came out, and OMG!!! It was the BEST concert I've ever been to...hands down. There's nothing like being there at the show, but the video below will give you a little taste of it.

No matter what your beliefs, I thought some of you would be interested because they are big-time heavy on drums and percussion. They are definitely worth checking out.

Here's a pic from the concert I went to:

Video of them playing a song that's NOT "Little Drummer Boy" (they are best-known for LDB).

Any other fans out there?


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We have their Christmas CD, which I like. I also play at church and will check out their other stuff. Peace and goodwill.


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A lot of good stuff from them. I hope that cymbal guy was ok. Looks pretty high up for that stunt!

I was into CCM for a while as well, and once I began interacting with the bands on a live gig level, I began to see just how non-Christian many really were.
They'd get out on stage and tell the crowd to love all under Christ, when just 5 minutes ago I was told to "Move aside man, you're in my f-ing way".


Now I too gig in bars, brewery's and festivals & won't do another Christian event.

Kudos to you for doing that with your kids. They're the ones that matter & your example is what they'll remember.


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I'm going to have a listen but the description from Wikipedia that they're Australia's answer to Coldplay is filling me with dread if that's true.