Oiling my drum lugs?


Do I need to oil my drum lugs when i screw them in?

I mean to say the part where i screw my drum head in with all those screws etc.


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Yes. If rust forms inside the lugs it can make it difficult to fine tune a drum - all the rods should turn freely with no notchy-ness (is that an real word?), also if you decide to use something like a tension watch any rust inside the lugs or on the threads will give false readings.

Every time I change drum heads I dip all the tension rods into a shot glass filled with oil to cover the bottom 1" of the threads, place them into an empty cup to let the excess oil run off, when I reassemble the drum the oil on the tension rods also lubricates the lugs. About once a year I completely strip my drums to give them a good clean up, I also lubricate all the threads before re-assembly.

Apparently smearing a little Vaseline or white lithium grease on the threads of the tension rods is better than oil but I've never used it.
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It's not necessary, but many people like to add a bit of their preferred lubricant.

I've never felt the need. The downside is that most attract dust and dirt. If a rod isn't turning smoothly, I just run a 12-24 tap through the receiver and a die over the t-rod threads. I very rarely have to do this.

Nothing wrong with adding a lubricant, though. Just not my preferred approach.


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It's basic mechanics ; so I've always used thin oil on the rods (1 drop or so) and thin oil on the pedal chain.


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I've used lithium grease in the past.

Last time I changed heads, I did not have any, so I used one drop of oil on the lower last 1/8" of the threads, and then shook it off.


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Hi Porky, if you do oil or grease your be sure the the tension rod is clean of debris and if not clean with a small soft wire brass brush or as stated a die. Remember the die needs to be just a little bigger than the threads because you don't want to take the chrome plating off the lug. Smaller tape size if you are doing the receiver.

Note: If you have Sonor kit and have the TuneSafe system use pure synthetic grease or oil because of the receiver of the TuneSafe system inside is made of a harden plastic. And petroleum base products will deteriorate the plastic over time. Same with any other type receiver lug that uses plastic internally to hold the tension rod.