Ohio Players 16th note groove by Dennis Chambers/Diamond


Hey guys, I'm working on my bass drum technique, and Dennis plays this mean Ohio Players groove at the 2:00 minute mark from the In The Pocket series. My question is do you know what Ohio Players song he is playing? Any help would be great so I can buy a cd for practice.


Thank you!



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after reading this I went back and watched some of the old ohio players videos like "rollercoaster". their drummer is awesome! he's got a wicked fast right foot for sure.


One of the top comments mentions hearing it in "Jive Turkey"


I'm hearing some of those triplets where a snare hit completes the two BD notes here and there. Fat track either way.
Yeah I've heard it in Jive Turkey too, it just sounds like Dennis is playing a phrase from a song, especially when he hits the 2nd bar with crash hits on beats 3 and 4. I would assume it would be from a song somewhere...unless he just came up with that on the spot, which is likely too.

Bo Eder

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Man, I remember having that vinyl album when I was a kid. I gotta go back and digest it again! Thanks for the post!