Official Twitter: Follow for Follow Drum Thread

Adam Bourque

Senior Member
I created a Twitter account mainly for the purpose of "Drumming" and keep my other social communications on Facebook. I would love to have more Drummers to follow, and have some follow me! I'm sure you would like the same, and so I am making this thread!

How it Works:

There will be two options!

Option 1.) Reply to the thread saying follow me @EXAMPLE and I will follow you or by saying, "(USERNAME) I followed you, please follow me now! The best way to get hold of the person you followed will most likely be twitter or private message on here.

Option 2.) You have to follow everybody on the list below on twitter, but then you will be added to the list and everybody else added on the list will have to follow you. For example: My name will be first added to the list, so the next person will follow me and be added to the list. The next person must follow both of us then be added to the list and so on. Say I followed everybody and you will be added to the list. (no lies) If the list gets to big will be reset, possibly

(if this is against the forums policy, please remove it and warn me. Thank you.)

Follow the users below.