Off to see Weckl with Oz Noi and Darryl Jones!


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Off to see Oz Noi with Weckl and Darryl Jones, in Athens. Has anyone here checked out this trio?


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Seen all 3 but not together. OZ Noy is a monster.. one of my 3 favorite guitar players... and ofcourse Weckl is Weckl.

Im sure it will be a blast. Enjoy and post a review.



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Not checked them out at all Ami, but I am a bit of a duffer in the muso name department :( Have a great one mate, & be sure to catch a bit of footage if you can :)


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OK, here's a short review from Oz Noi's gig in Athens last night:


The club was smallish and full, and we were sitting in the middle close to the stage.
The gig was really really fantastic! Music oozing with groove and humor. The trios' approach and playfulness actually made me laugh out loud more than once! :)
Basically half the gig sounded like a Jazzy Led Zeppelin, (So did the other half, just without the "Jazzy").

All three musicians showed that they are masters of music at the highest level, and clearly had fun on stage.
Weckl played an awesome awesome show, with authority, groove, and adventurousness!
Darryl Jones was super solid and showed why he was chosen by Miles Davis, Sting, Madonna, Steps Ahead, and The Stones (to name a few). It was great to see him live after years of listening to him!
Oz's playing was full of groove and soul, his own unique sound containing Rock, Funk, Traditional Jazz, and other influences.

After the gig I got to meet Oz and Darryl Jones, who were really nice. (Having met Oz recently at a club in Tel Aviv I knew he was a really chilled out nice guy, and Darryl was equally cool. I've also met Weckl in the past and he was very very nice, but this time he didn't come out - they mentioned being very tired after traveling).

If you get a chance to see this trio, go for it! (For sure the versions with Vinnie, Keith Carlock, or Anton Fig on drums are also awesome!)