Off The Record with the drum doctor


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Interviews with drummers, by Ross Garfield, The Drum Doctor.
Just discovered this YT channel and loved every interview he's currently posted (I think its a relatively new channel).

"Here, you can spend some quality time with the world's most renowned drummers, listen to their stories, find out what makes them tick and maybe even learn a few new things. And of course, I'll show you some of the coolest drums in my collection!"

Here's the Abe Laboriel interview:


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That's one of my favorite bits:
"What are some of your best memories of playing live?"
" for about 30 years I've been Paul McCartney's that's been pretty cool."


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His Keltner interview is really good also.. i hope he keeps that series going..


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His interviews are really good. I just finally got around to watching part two of the Keltner interview yesterday. So much knowledge to glean from that.