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I'm having quite a bit of success using "off" brands. Off may not be the right word. Maybe "not-the-major" brands.

Our combo plays once a month at a venue in a very limited space depth wise, with a short wall in front of us. I looked at two-legged hi-hat stands and they were pretty expensive, except for one made by Griffin on Amazon. It was relative inexpensive. I bought it. Works great it's very rugged. It weighs a ton and heavy to lug around, but it works great.

Can't fit a 12" or even 10" kick drum in space. Found a Dixon Little Roomer at Music Go Round. Wow does that kick drum sound awesome. Nicely finished, too.

Music Go Round had some kick drum pedals for $30. They're unbranded. They have holes in the footboard (if anyone knows brand let me know; I'd like to buy another one). It's great. Simple no frills but very easy to play.

Anybody else have success stories using "off" brand equipment?
I've said it before, but I love cheap snare wires. They sound the best to my ears.

I have a cymbal stand made by Percussion Plus, and it's just as good as your standard double-braced stand made by everyone else.

I think just about everything else I have is not cheap and works incredibly well.
I know what you mean. I have a super heavy duty "Pulse" brand hi hat stand. It's very well built and has the nicest spring action of any hi hat I have ever played. Cost me $30 used and it compares or exceeds any high end hi hat stand I have ever played. Go figure.
I have used sticks from Target. I have used Attack heads for resos. I have a Rogue boom stand (it sucks dont do it lol). My extra most bestest ride is an El Rajah.

Some off brand stuff is fine. Some off brand stuff should only be used in an emergency. Some off brand stuff should be melted down into a liquid.
As I've gotten older, I've found myself shocked at the prices of some hardware. Just comparing the Yamaha 700 series stand to DW 5000. Theoretically, they are both in the same classification as medium duty stands, yet their price is miles apart. I've bought cheap hardware over the years to and all ended up junk. I'm now firmly in the why the heck does this cost so much camp and will research value above the name. Some of the medium duty stands are exceptional values, but I can't say I've found an off brand that is half as good as say Yamaha or Tama, when you can get those used for just a bit more than off brands.

The heavy duty stuff......pfffffft! I've never been able to bring myself to spending $450 on a hi hat stand. I'm currently looking for a used HH stand with swivel legs, so I can have some fun with my double bass pedal. It'll never leave the house, but I can't see me going with the low price generic option, as I can with a nice medium duty stand by one of the strong names. I should have just kept my Mapex Falcon. Got that for $75 and haven't seen them for under $150 since.
i use smaller companies for my drumsticks and cymbals, tried a few smaller brands for sticks but stuck with the one company for cymbals as they do everything i want without the big brand price tag :)