Odd-time Book recommendations


Hey guys, I'm looking for a really good book that explores Odd-time signatures.

I already own John Rileys 'Jazz Drummers Workshop' and will be buying Steve Fidyks 'Jazz Drum set independence. However, those books cover jazz drumming.

I'm looking for any other recommendations for books that are in other categories, like fusion, funk, etc.

Thank you


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Create your own "systems" as you would with Syncopation, New Breed, etc and sky is the limit....

Odd Time Reading Text: For All Instruments : Rhythmic Studies Designed to Develop Accuracy and Speed in Sight Reading As Applied to Odd Time Signatures
Louis Bellson (Author), Gil Breines (Compiler), Henry Adler (Editor)


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Ralph Humphrey "Even In The Odds" is another popular one. It's a bit newer but Rick Landwehr's "Drummer's Guide to Odd Times" looks pretty good too.


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I use Even in the Odds, with Joel Rothman's 3, 5, 7, 9, Jazz! as a supplement. Plus Dahlgren & Fine's Four Way Coordination and Accent on Accents 1 and 2. And I've written a bunch of my own stuff you might find helpful.

Charles Dowd's Funky Thesaurus/Thesaurus for the Jazz/Rock Drummer is another one.