Odd snare, odd snare head questions


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I have a Pearl Short Fuse snare drum that's 10"x4.5".
It's my main snare, tuned fairly low. I prefer a fairly dry sound, as I play a lot of funk and rock stuff.

It has an Evans Snare Side 300 reso and a Remo Ambassador X batter, but I also have 2 other batter heads here to try. One is an EC2 clear, the other is a clear Hydraulic.
I currently use one Moongel on the Ambassador X.

What should I expect, soundwise, from these heads? I understand the Hydraulic should be warmer with less overtones... is this right?

Would either of these possibly be a better head for my drier funky needs?


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ec2 - more focused than the ambo X but more lively as its a clear head.

hydraulic - deep, fat, virtually reso-less sound, perfect for a wet blat type sound


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Yes, I do. :)

But, I'm recovering from working 122 hours in 12 straight days, and I lack the ambition, honestly.
But, I was looking at the heads with curiosity and thinking about my snare drum, and... here we are. ;)

You do realize the best way to find the answer to your question is to try those heads on the drum, right? ;)


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I've used a (coated) EC2 on snares before, and I actually liked it a lot. I've also used a Hydraulic on a snare for that Don Henley sound.

But a 10" snare is completely uncharted territory for me, so I'm really not sure how those characteristics work scaled down.

C.M. Jones

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Yeah, because a 10" snare is something I've never played, I can't predict what you'll discover. Experimentation should be your guide.


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This is actually a thing I'd wondered about... if too much damping is... too much. ;)

I do have clear EC2 heads on my toms, I like them there.

IMO a hyrdaulic would be overkill for a 10 inch snare, try the EC2 head first :)


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I actually got home from work today and messed with the snare, trying the installed Ambassador X one more time...

I discovered that the wires weren't square in the snare bed or true to the bottom head, so started there... sorted that, then worked on the heads- And it now sounds pretty close to ideal imo.

Since there's apparently a grey area here, I might start a new thread for my (and other's) 10" snare drums... I doubt I'm the only one using one.
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Haven't used those heads, but when it comes to coated or clear heads: clear heads give you more crack and a sharper sound.
To try something else; i used a clear Remo CS on my snare for a while and although it gave a more sensitive sound, i missed the warmness the coated version gave me. To i switched back to the coated CS since it's the best snare head for me.

Come to think of it... it did use the EC1 reverse dot for quite a while as well years back. Although this is a 1 ply head with frosting on it (and a power dot), it's similar to the EC2 with the control ring. Load of attack and sharp sound as well. Think the EC2 clear will sound fuller and still retain a lot of attack.


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I put the EC2 on yesterday... It definitely sounds better to me.
I have it tuned as nobody else probably would, but it works for me.

The Hydraulic will have to wait. :)