Odd add ons or not much of a deal?


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I have a grestch USA custom kit, and wanted to get a couple of add on drums, but I am looking at getting brooklyns as the add ons- is this odd? am I being weird? They would all basically look identical. I'm interested in having an additional floor tom with a slightly lower pitch and sound.

Has anyone else done that?


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If the finish is the same, or about the same, and the tone of the drum is going to be what you want/need, I say do it.
Nothing odd about using what is needed to get your job done.
Who's going to see a different badge?? Who would say anything? Like that would matter anyway, because if someone DID, they would be a giant douche not worthy of thinking about any comment they made.

Get what you want to hear.

My Black Glass kit has Classic Maple tom and bass drum sizes, and 2 of the main floor toms are Super Classic 4 ply. They sound awesome together.

Playing is for YOUR enjoyment, not someone else's eyes or opinion.

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I recently bought and am using a 16x16 DW collectors maple floor tom in White Pearl (as my left-of-snare, side tom), with my 5-piece black diamond DW performance kit and it's great in every way - if it sounds good do it.