OCDP Custom made Superman 5 piece Drum kit.


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Why do you want to sell it? How much? I wouldn't think it would bring much money. Growing up, Superman was THE super hero unlike today with dozens of so called crime fighters. But even though I loved Superman, this set kind of looks like a kids set up. I wouldn't be interested, but who knows? Someone might. List on Ebay and Reverb and see what response you get.


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Hi everyone, looking for some advice. We have a bespoke OCDP drum kit 2009 in a Superman design (Picture Attached). Looking for info on web sites etc... that buy kits.

That's a super niche kit - custom kits unfortunately never seem to bring much of a return.

I would do like John said and start on Reverb and Ebay: maybe with something like an $1600 or $1800 starting point and expect people to offer less...UNLESS the right superman collector or drum/superman collector comes along.

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might try reverb. definitely going to want to get nice descriptive pictures of it. maybe a test auction on e-bay w/ a high reserve would give you an idea what the value might be? something like that, if the auction gets bid high enough, you could give the high bidder a "second chance" offer
Spoken like a veteran of online drum sales. Lol


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I loved the time where OCDP was doing all of the crazy custom 1-off's. Heck, I think that's ALL they did for quite a while before selling out to Guitar Center. Idk what this kit is worth simply due to the trends of deep bass drums and super-shallow toms not being in vogue anymore, but I really do love this kit. Thanks for sharing!


From the photos provided it’s looks like the drums are the following sizes : Depth by diameter 5x10 mounted Tom 6x12 mounted Tom 10x14 mounted Tom 18x20 bass drum 5.5 x 14 vented snare drum

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Many of us stated it when this company was in its prime, these type kits have about as little value as an entry level kit today. People spent $3-$5K on a kit that lost more value off the lot than a boat.