OCD or normal jacking around?


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I generally won't adjust things too much, because I make sure that nothing is able to move around or go out of adjustment, but... I'll start to tune one drum and then it turns into tuning EVERYTHING on the kit, and pretty soon I've wasted an hour or so.

Rarely I'll change up my whole kit to a different configuration if I feel it will be more ergonomic or suite the genre I'm playing better.

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It's not OCD. OCD is an anxiety disorder characterised by feelings of extreme danger to yourself others if things aren't 'just so'.

It's being picky. That's entirely different.
Yeah... That's right Dunc... and I'm pretty picky... not just with the drums though, with most things, it can be a quality in a person, but it can be a pain in the neck too, it's ok to be picky for your things but it can be very annoying for those around you :)

On topic: When I had some back trouble some years ago, I moved things around until I had the perfect ergonomic set up, it took quite a while and it's also the main reason for scaling down to a 4 piece kit and giving up double bass drumming and some cymbals, very picky, but for a good reason, the back doesn't hurt anymore.


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I know it was mentioned a couple times but tuning is my pet peve.. if I go down the basement to play it usually ends up 66% playing and 33% tuning.. most of it is snare drums.. high to low and fat then back to high. Have done this for years!