Oak flex ?


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I came back to drums a little over a year ago, after 30 some years away. I have yet to actually break a stick shaft, but I seem to lose chunks off the bead pretty quickly.

So, I decided to use nylon tip sticks. This is working pretty well, but I really prefer the sound of wood tips, especially on the cymbals. So then I tried promark oak sticks. I love the sound ,and the tips don't seem to chip at all.

So here's the rub... I have mostly read that oak sticks are stiff and hard, but after hickory I find they have more flex. It's easier to bend the oak sticks I have (promark jazz and Stephan Perkins) by hand than the goodwood fusion hickory I bought a brick of.

So the question I have for oak stick users is... I know oak tips last longer- but how long does it take to adapt to the flex?



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My Oak sticks (TAMA 5A) don't flex at all. They're very rigid.
They don't chip like my former vic firth 5A, but when they break, they do break.
Very different way of wearing.


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I find the Regal Tip E's very flexible, much more than other sticks. But the sound is certainly less bright than regular nylon tips, and they last longer than wood tips.