NYC blue guide and eyewitness guide

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I am looking at different NYC guides, but two of them that catched my eye are blue guide and eyewitness. For anyone who has either one or both of these books, what are your thoughts on these two guides?

What does blue guide and eyewitness have to offer? Maps/images? Attractions? Detailed descriptions? Maybe even a sample page or two posted? Places to eat? Transportation? Detailed Info on all five boroughs (meaning exploring different neighborhoods/area of each borough, and listing attractions, etc)? Maybe even a little bit of history?

Thanks for helping me out here. NYC is a place we have been starting to go to a little bit more, and we live fairly close (maybe 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours).


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Just a point of information,I see that you're only 14,so as to avoid any bad grammer habits now,the word is caught,not catched.Try this,it's pretty comprehensive

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