Nurses love drummers....


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Seriously, this is the funniest thing.

A while ago I had to make an unexpected trip to my doctor because I woke up a lot more sore and stiff than I usually do - the kind of soreness where everything hurts, including your fingernails, hair, teeth, skin, etc. The kind of pain like when you drink way too much and have a mother of a hangover the next day. Except I didn't drink a drop the night before, so I knew something wasn't right. Turns out it was nothing and I got muscle relaxers. But here's the nurses part and drumming:

I had the doctor's PA examine me, which I didn't mind at all since she was a very, very attractive blonde lady. And I got a double dose sinse there was a nursing student with her that was an equally attractive brunette. So we went thru the usual routine of question and answer as they tried to diagnose the problem.

On a lark, I mentioned that I was a drummer and had been practicing a lot more than I normally due since I had a gig coming up I wanted to be prepared for and that could be a cause of my stiffness and soreness.

Holy Crackers!! You would have thought I said I was going to take these two ladies shopping on Rodeo Drive!

When they found out I was a drummer, they smiled big ol' smiles and beamed from ear to ear and said things like "Aww cool!" and "I love the drums" and "drums are awesome"! You would have thought these two medical professionals were a coupla teenage girls drooling over a plctire of the latest male pop star.

Needless to say, I was on cloud 9 the rest of the day, strutting around like I owned the place. Hahaha

Drummers are loved!!

Thought I'd share that. lol


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Please come and visit the hospital where I work. The nurses here care about nothing but Doctors. $$$$$$$$


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I don't know about drummers so much,but the nurses here are really into the NYPD and FDNY.My current lady of interest is a nurse with a BS,but she didn't find out I was a drummer till after we were together.

Steve B


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Lemme just check that I understand the story...

You woke up feeling stiff.

And then you were in a room alone with two pretty nurses...


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Dayum, I was just in the hospital and I never mentioned it once.

Oh well, my luck was more than made up with the outcome of the visit.


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Hello, nurse!

... they read that article about how drummers are more intelligent and well, it's been all good news ever since =)

Anon La Ply

LOL this thread's too funny!

"Turns out it was nothing and I got muscle relaxers" ... Rogue, looks like they just figured you were over-excited. Maybe some kind of anti-Viagra to settle you down?


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I've been out with lots & lots of nurses.

The fact that I'm also a nurse, & get to meet a lot of them may have more to do with that than the drummer aspect though!

con struct

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Mrs. con struct is a nurse in an intensive cardiac care unit in one of the top hospitals in the states. (I can boast about my wife, can't I?)


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In my dream the nurses always say this, "WTF, Why don't you die?" We are nearing the end of our shift and we want to cash out our registers so that we can balance out and go home :)